Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Morning Eye Opener

Unless I have a race on a Saturday, trying to find time to ride with all the kids activities tends to be difficult to try and ride midday or in the afternoon.  Since I have been getting up early this week anyway I figured that since I will be up early on Saturday, let's head over to Collis P Huntington SP and take the diSSent out on some new trail.  I started off by hitting Rock & Roll from the North and that was a big mistake riding single speed, and probably for me on any other bike.  Needless to say, there was some walking.

I don't know what it is, whether I am still skittish from the crash at Winding Trails or just haven't ridden enough tech on the diSSent but I found myself taking it really easy through a lot of stuff that I would normally just blast through.  I rode the blue trail over to the Glacial Erratic Trail and then back to blue.  Then took the stream trail back to blue and wound my way back on the blue, white and red trails and then back to blue.

I got almost half way up Little Vomit, nothing new there, and then followed the single track that eventually hooks back up with the Blue Trail.  Never rode the Blue Trail in this direction and it turned out to be a real nice challenge with quite a bit of climbing and some nice descents.  Then it was down to the Big Burn and back towards the lot, only I had a few minutes to spare so took a speed lap on the red and back to blue.

Surprised at the amount of mud at Huntington this year, but then again, it's been rather wet.  I noted quite a few places where some board walks would be prudent.  Something to think about for my grant proposal.  Ended up riding 9 miles and I am now planning on making this a regular event, the Saturday Morning Eye Opener Ride Series.  Hitting the riding areas that are within a 20 minute drive of my house which include Huntington, Upper Paugussett, Burr Farm, Waldo, Sunny Valley, and once I am a little more accustomed to it, Mine Hill.


Rick said...

Count me in the for the Saturday morning ride series. As long as its early enough I'll be there. Can't get enough lately.

Anonymous said...

@Rick prolly be hitting Waldo. Happy to pick you up on the way over if you want. Prolly be heading out at 6:45 AM, plan on riding for 2 hours. --Mark