Monday, May 02, 2011

Tandem Trail-a-biking on the Farmington Canal Greenway

As you can imagine for a beautiful spring weekend day, riding on the Farmington Canal Greenway is always a treat.  Got the wheel back for the Qball on Friday and put the bike back together Sunday morning and it was good as new.  I brought the tire pressure up to 70 psi and what a difference that makes.

Usually, we start out at one end or the other either at the top of the trail in Cheshire or what is probably the middle of the trail at the Stop & Shop parking lot in Hamden however today since we were having lunch with the boy's great grandfather in Cheshire we continued on to Brooksvale Park and began our ride in the North Hamden.

We rode north to the terminus of the trail.  At some point it's supposed to extend all the way Southington and then connect to the Farmington section, which then you could ride all the way to Massachusetts but that seems to be far from complete.  Turning around, we rode back, past where we parked down to Sergio's Pizza restaurant where I wanted to get the boys Gellatto only to find that it was processed in a facility that has nuts and both Elliot and Brodie have varying nut allergies.  They had Snapples instead and a promise for Ice Cream on the way home.

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