Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I can still ride!

Day 19 of the  30 Days of Biking challenge I took the diSSent out for 7 mile endurance lap at Upper Paugussett State Forest, in the rain.  I didn't get to ride on Day 18 due to prior commitments, though.  There was no way I was going to ride Monday anyway because after my crash at Winding Trails on Sunday I was still in some pain but that is why I rode on Tuesday, to see if I would be able to ride in another race with the parts of me that still hurt.  Well, I am happy to say that riding won't be a problem.

Tuesday's ride, I rode up the Gussy Trail and that was brutal because it was all climbing.  Since it was raining I opted not to hit any stuntry either for fear of slipping on something and making my injuries only worse.  The Gussy Trail was fine but the one section of the Mulikin Trail is hosed.  I think it needs to be re-routed.  Hopefully I can find some deer to create a new path for me.  Then I rode up and down the entire length of the Poly Brody and that was a slop fest.

I was drenched head to toe when I got home.  It was lightly raining and what didn't get wet because of the precipitation got wet from the perspiration, and while I was wearing shorts it was still pretty cold out.


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