Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sleeping Giant

See the Sleeping Giant?

Rode the Farmington Canal Greenway with Katie and Elliot's Uncle Mike. Wanted to do more distance but only got 5 mile ride for Katie.

Katie's new rig. On my way home from work a couple of weeks ago I stopped in at the Bicycle Goodie Shop in Bethel and while I was buying a few things (Surly Tugnuts) I asked if they might have any used kids bikes. The owner said, check out back, you are welcome to take anything you like, for Free! I found this Raleigh ATB with 20" wheels, two hand brakes and a coaster brake. The bars were bent, so I switched them out with the bars from Katie's Auntie Tiffany Bike, added some new grips and voila!

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Are two bottle openers better than one?

Here is the Qball tricked out for riding with the kids.

I put moved the FUBars from the Fixation and they feel great on the Qball

Since I am using the Qball to pull the Burley on Rail Trails and Greenways, there is no point in lugging spare tubes and tools on my back so I started using an old seat pack wedge. I originally had this on my Fuji Royale from college. Doesn't look good but does the trick.
Waterbottles replace the need for a camel pack.

Configuration has already changed. Lost the seat wedge, and removed one of the water bottles. As with the Fixation, I also put a Surly Tugnut on the drive side of the axel, so now I have a bottle opener on each side of the rear drops.
I am now riding with a 16t cog! Woo hoo, a 2:1 ratio.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Soixante-Neuf Queue de Rat

Made some modfications to the Fetish. Different bars and new grips.

These are the Salsa Grips.

Surly tugnut on the drive side of the rear axel and a 20t rear cog

And the piece de la resistance, a canti-lever rear brake.

Now its a Mullet, disc brake up front and canti in the rear. En Francais, Queue de Rat.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

More shots from Middlebury

Elliot, as usual fell asleep.

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Middlebury Greenway

In Middlebury, Connecticut there is an old Trolley bed that at one time linked Waterbury to the Quasi Amusement Park or back in the day was called a Trolley Park. The Trolley Bed continues onto Woodbury and parts of it can still be seen today.

So, Katie, Elliot, Larry (Katie and Elliot's Grandpa) and I decided to ride the Trolley Path and do some Geocaching at the same time.

Below, Katie is looking for the first Cache.

Here it is, a magnetic micro cache.

Qball rigged for Geocaching