Thursday, November 24, 2005

Started riding again!

Well, I am back in the saddle, so to say. Started riding again about 4 weeks after the crash. I said, when I can pick up my son again, I will start riding again.

Prior to the crash, I had been somewhat dissatisfied with my new bike. Maybe it was the full suspension that I was not used to, or the weight of the bike ~ 37 lbs, what ever it was it was gnawing on me. Maybe I should have gotten the Kona Hoss. Then, I moved the rear spring to 5.3" setting and OMG! What a difference! I can climb, do rollers, and really hammer. I love my bike.

So, I have done a few local rides in the Paugussett and on the horse trails on the Newtown/Brookfield townline. Finally rode Bennetts Pond in Ridgefield. Also went to Trumbull after Thanksgiving and recently, 12/3, did an almost 8 mile loop around the West Hartford Reservoirs.

What will be interesting is riding in the snow. So, I will post up some more trail maps from my rides here shortly.