Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Proposed HouBike Trail, a 45 mile Greenway

By Alice Tessier, Litchfield County Times
A proposal for a 45-mile “HouBike” Trail is now being con­sidered, running from New Milford to Ashley Falls in Massachusetts. And in Brookfield, due south in Northern Fairfield County, plans are already moving on another greenway project that might extend someday to New Milford.
To the north, the HouBike Trail would “connect” several communities in Litchfield County: New Milford, Sherman, Kent, Warren, Cornwall, West Cornwall, Sharon, Salisbury, Canaan (Falls Village) and North Canaan.
I had heard an inkling for this in that this trail/greenway would share the other part of the Housatonic Railroad bed, which would be the only way this could happen but in order to do something like that, you would have to fence off the trail from the tracks, if that is what they are thinking.  That means 45 miles of fencing!

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