Monday, October 24, 2016

Captain Lawrence Singlespeed Metric Century

After last week's True to Brew ride I got the bug to ride to another nearby brewery, the Captain Lawrence Brewery in Elmsford, NY.  Being located near the southern terminus of the North County Trailway I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. Ride to another brewery and pedal down the entire length of the North Country on a singlespeed. No one from the LunArtics were available but Karl from True Cyclery was definitely interested so we planned to meet at the trail head in Southeast, NY and ride the Putnam Trail (the Old Put line) to the North Country and then to the brewery!

Our start got delayed because I should have done a better job posting the parking lot location for Karl and then right before leaving I realized I lost my pedal magnet and we went searching for it but to no avail. Despite the windy conditions it was a perfect day for cycling.

Riding on the old railroad bridge over the New Croton Reservoir was cool

Next time I do this ride I think I want to try riding it fixed!

9 miles from the Brewery was when the first mishap occurred

Karl got a flat! It would appear that a very sharp piece of acorn cap must have punctured his tire.

I went and checked the vicinity where it popped and all I found were pieces of acorns.
Karl lined is tire with a ten dollar bill and then we took off.

Further down the trail it got really leafy and the next thing I new I was off the trail and riding in the gravel. I tried to pull back onto the trail when the leaves caused me to slide and I went down on the deck. Getting up my right hip hurt and figured I was going to have case of road rash by the looks of abrasions on my best tights.  My right knee hurt from the impact as well, along with my right elbow and hand. What hurt the most, however, was my left thumb. Somehow I jammed it and that could be a problem as I learned later while trying to climb on the hoods to the brewery. Otherwise, I felt pretty good. 

Upon arrival at the address we wandered around till we realized the brewery was in the back of the building. While I came prepared with a bike lock I was pleasantly surprised to find ample and secure bike parking. In fact, we weren't the only cyclists there. There seemed to be two or three groups there as well.

Captain Lawrence doesn't sell flights, rather you buy a sampling glass and then poker chips. One chip for sampling beers 6.5% ABV and below and 2 for anything above.  That's a great system.  Karl and I split a 10 pack of chips.

I sampled the following beers:
Freshchester Pale Ale
Hop Commader IPA
Centenary IPA
Effortless Session IPA
Brown Bird Brown Ale

Karl had:
Effortless Grapefruit IPA
Liquid Gold Belgian Gold Ale
Effortless Session IPA
Double Fisted Double IPA (7.5% ABV)

We also had the Bacon Truffle Mac and Cheese and it was UFB!

I bought a 32 oz growler of the Freshchester and it fit perfectly in my Banjo Brothers Trunk Bag. In fact, it looked so roomy in there that when I got home later I tried putting in a full size growler and it fit perfectly so you know what I will be doing on the next brewery ride!  Karl got a 22 oz bomber of the Apricot Sour and it fit perfectly in his back pouch. Something to remember for the next time as well if I don't bring a bag to hold a bottle.

Being a railfan, I had to stop on the way back and take some pictures of these tracks.

We were 9 miles from the end of the ride when Karl got another flat on the same hole.  What ever got him this time went right through the bill and got him again.  Fortunately I had a spare tube (I always bring two) and we were shortly on our way.

Despite the flats, crash, and the brutal head winds, it turned out to be a great day of riding and sampling beer. Where to next?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Eine kleine Dirt Musik

Waking up Saturday morning to a brisk wind and light drizzle I said to myself, no way am I going to ride before my son's 8 AM Soccer game.  The weather during the game was even worse but by early after there was a break in the weather so I jumped on the CAADx and went exploring.

Thinking that it was going to be raining the whole time I went out with my neoprene gloves and rain jacket but quickly shed both after I jumped off the old NY & NE Right of Way onto Al's trail.  It's funny, how in the past I would only ride my mountain bike on this trail and now all I do is ride it on my cross bike.

Heading down old Black Bridge Road I noticed that it appears to have been widen, perhaps by some 4x4 usage but anyone driving this way would simply have to back out once again due a pretty sizable widowmaker laying across the road.  the Black Bridge looked pretty sketchy being wet and with some leaves so I walked it instead of riding it.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

True Cyclery: True to Brew Adventure Ride

About a month ago I got a question through social media from True Cyclery about dirt road riding around Kent, Conn. I pointed to some of the gravel rides that I have set up in and around Kent but the idea they had in mind included a brewery stop.  I was definitely intrigued.

Then, about two weeks ago I found out True Cyclery couldn't make the ride work in Kent because the destination brewery didn't have a tasting room and instead they planned to do a ride from New Haven to Oxford and stop off at two breweries near the Larkin Bridle Trail. Seeing that my son's soccer game was to be played the night before, I was free to ride on Saturday!

Monday, October 03, 2016

F2G2: I climbed Schemerhorn Hill, again!

I wasn't sure if 2016 F2G2 was going to happen because at the Geylock Century, they were saying that it was iffy whether they were going to do it this year. When I saw someone I follow on Strava doing F2G2 Route Recon that is when I knew the event was on, however, it was really, really late.

I left Cantebury Farm a half an hour early before the official start.  At my usual pace I figured I would get to the first rest stop at opening time. The temperature today was interesting.  It was one of those dreary mornings in the upper 40s/lower 50s that made it difficult to choose whether to wear tights or shorts.  I went with the tights. Two years ago I froze and last year was chilly enough that I could have worn better shoes. 

The climb up Fred Snow Road was good because I warmed up quickly but then descending down Johnson Road is when I thought I probably should have had a wind vest.  We weren't the only ones who left early as there were two guys who left before us, one on a mountain bike, and we caught up to them on Johnson Road and never saw them again.