Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Between the Drops

For the 12th Day of the 30 Days of Biking challenge I rode in the woods and after a rain.  I know this doesn't set a very good example however the place that I rode, Wadsworth Falls State Park is very well drained and all the singletrack is very sustainable for these conditions.  I picked the right time, too, because it stopped raining around 5 PM and started up again as I was hitting the parking lot on my way back from my ride.  For the most part, the trails were awesome, a little slippery here and there, but still awesome.  There was some dualtrack that was a little sloppy that I made sure to go through carefully.

I only had about 45 minutes because I had somewhere to be at 7 PM and unfortunately it wasn't Eli's but the BBC was cold, though!  Having never ridden here by myself but many times before on group rides I was able to find the choice single track but I made some poor trail choices after the little falls gorge that would have made the ride even better, not that it was great already.  I did come across a guy on blue Kona Cindercone on the singletrack north of the Little Falls ravine not wearing a helmet.  I reminded him that helmets are like seatbelts, ... OK, I admit it, I am a Helmet Nazi ... you never know when you will need it but it will probably save your life.  Scarred some love birds in the in the pedestrian covered bridge by the parking area on the way back.

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