Monday, December 28, 2015

First Case of Road Rash

What a way to finish the 2015 cycling season but with my first crash on my road bike.  Our local cycling group had a few new guests and we were having really great time, too, despite the cold weather.  

We were riding the Sunset Hill Route, only this time we road up over Castle Hill and then hooked around on Tauton Lake and then took Plumtrees down into Bethel.  It was great to discover that Plumtrees had recently been paved and the Black Butter was simply delicious!

The climb up Sunset Hill went well but it was heading down through the hairpin turn where disaster struck (me).  Going into the turn, I had too much speed and it happened so fast but all of a sudden my rear tire went out from under me and I was sliding on the road towards on coming car.  Fortunately for me, the driver was going slow and stopped right of way.  All I can think of was I hope I stop in time.

My hip hurt and forearm hurt but it didn't feel like anything was broken.  My breastbone hurt, too, but again, it didn't feel like I broke any ribs - I know what that feels like from my mountain biking days.

Riding down to the bottom of Sunset Hill, I split off from the group and headed home.  Paul and Gavin stuck with me most of the way.  While my hip and forearm hurt but injuries felt superficial and I was fine riding.  My only concern was the ribs.

When I went down, I was in the drops so I think I instinctively shielded my chest with my the flat part of my arm and my hip was probably second to the pavement.  My right hand caught some the pavement, too, and getting hope I found my knuckles were a bit bloodied.

After showering I went right to the ice.  Right side of my chest hurts but no burning pain when breath deeply, which tells me no broken or cracked ribs.  Maybe a little bruising but nothing I haven't dealt with before.  Looks like I might be riding the trainer for awhile now and skiing with probably be out of the question for the next week but we'll see how I feel in a couple of days.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Just Riding Along Flirtation Avenue


The Newtown LunArtics rode to Flirtation Avenue Saturday morning.

Temperature was great but we didn't get any sun until we got to Lake Waramug

This was going to be Gavin's biggest ride all year

The lake and roads around it were deserted

It's 8 miles around the lake and it is almost entirely flat

December 26th, 2015 and it's 45 degrees
and there is no snow in the Litchfield Hills

After the lake loop we stopped off for coffee and egg sandwiches
at the 9 Main Bakery and Cafe

On the way back to Newtown, we rode down Nettleton Hollow and then
down Rt 47, pass Woodbury Ski Area and they had some snow!
Machine made, but snow is snow!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cycling with Santa

I met up with Santa at the Burrito Shack Christmas Day
on the south side of Newtown, CT

Santa was fast and hung on my wheel, a lot!

Always wondered how he deals with the heat
I was wearing shorts and that red suit of his most have been hot to ride in.

Santa even broke away on Boggs Hill!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Stolen Cannondale Fat Bike: Danbury, CT

Cannondale Fat CAAD 1
stolen on Christmas Eve in Danbury, CT 
If you have any information please contact the Danbury Police Department.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cyclist Hit and Run in Newtown, CT

Police said bicyclist Michael Roberto, 53, of Murfreesboro, Tenn., who was riding a yellow Cannondale downhill eastward on the right side of Church Hill Road, while wearing a helmet and reflective vest, at about 12:12 pm on December 15 was struck by a motor vehicle.
The impact tossed Roberto onto the ground on the eastbound road shoulder, police said. The Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps checked Roberto for minor injuries, police said.
After the impact, the motorist that had struck Roberto slowed the vehicle and then stopped briefly and then traveled eastward on Church Hill Road, police said.
The offending vehicle was described as being a medium-sized red passenger car. The vehicle may have been a red Toyota Celica with black body trim and a New York State marker plate, police said.
Police ask anyone with knowledge of the incident to contact investigating Officer Gladys Pisani at the police station at 203-426-5841.