Thursday, April 14, 2011

Misfit Psychles diSSent MKVI

Yesterday, a taste, today the pix

A combination of crummy weather here in New England and a slight touch of the flu meant no real test rides for the new bike, so Day 13 of the 30 Days of Biking challenge was not what I would call actionable miles.  I am not sure if riding up and down the driveway counts but hey, it was riding.  The mini test rides did result in some discovery about what the bent top tube means for me.  The bike feels a lot smaller that what I am used to largely due in part to that bent top tube.  I found I needed to extend the seat further out than what I originally though would be comfortable.  A buddy of mine recommended an offset seat post.

In addition to the different cockpit, the FUBars and their rearward sweep also add a different feeling to the bike.  I am going to try them on a test ride but if I am going to race this bike on Sunday, I am going to switch out to flat bars and my ergons.  Word on the trail is that the Winding Trails race has a lot more single track and much more climbing that races in the past.

The last thing to note is the slack head head tube angle.  The bike I rode last fall was pretty slack yet felt very nimble in the technical areas.  I am thinking the same will be true for my bike.  The bottom bracket is also high which is new to me, I learned that because I couldn't prop the bike up for a photo shoot with just a PBR can, I had to use the 30 pack box as you saw in the previous post.


fabian said...

Do you like the bars up that high?

Mark said...

I don't know yet. I rode it today and it was good but I am not sure yet.

Mookie said...

Did some hot laps of WT last night. None of the new sections of climbs are longer than 20-30 sec. That being said, there really are no sections of extended recovery either. 4 laps, full gas. I big-ringed everything with exception of last kicker toward the end. Go with a bigger gear on your rig.