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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Me and my Timbuk2

Day 6 of 30 days of biking.  Rode to work this morning on the Qball.  A little cold, around 30 degrees which called for the lobsters but I should have rode with my regular riding shoes and over booties.  Love riding the Qball this way.  My Timbuk2 bag was behaving admirably.

Left the office around 4:15 because there was rain coming and the nice day was rapidly deteriorating.  I basically rode with a short sleeve jersey underneath the Windstopper Fleece and I was still pretty hot.  However, all the extra clothes from this morning were stuffed into my Timbuk2 and it barely shifted the whole ride.  I am really starting to like this bag more and more.

There was a tail wind, combined with riding gears and being able to fly down the hills I got home in nearly record time.  The Qball handles so nicely in this configuration.  I am actually contemplating putting on a road cassette and going back to a triple.  Right now, I basically have a single because it still won't shift into the Granny.  Probably need a better front deraileur and a better mechanic.

No need for the light on the way home.  In fact not sure I need it on the way in unless I start leaving earlier, which I should start doing.

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