Monday, November 01, 2010

Gussied up for Fall

I was supposed to lead a Halloween ride Sunday morning over at Miller's Pond in Durham but had to back out because I needed to be closer to home so I opted for a ride at Upper Paugussett State Forest and I am glad I got out on the home turf because the fall colors were resplendent.  There was a bit of indecision in the wardrobe department because earlier in the morning the temperature gauge was reading 35 degrees so initially I dressed accordingly but when I got outside I realized I was over dressed because the sun was heating up things pretty fast.

Decided to do a little bush whacking and came across this chair underneath a cedar tree.  Another Inbred Tree Stand.  It commands a nice view of the Mulikin Trail.  If you are going to ride that part of the trail during hunting season wear plenty of blaze orange and bells.  Had me a little sit on it to try it out.  It was pretty comfortable.

There is an outcropping of rock behind this chain that caught my eye in the hopes of finding some nice slick rock to roll but on the back side is a ravine, so I don't think this will work.

Across the ravine there was more out croppings to check out.

Found this one to be atleast a 30 footer but a little steep.  
The run out needs a little opening up.

Wasn't what I was looking for but it's cool to know that this exists.

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