Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday Fix

It's been awhile since I have ridden the Stinson to work and decided to give it another shot Monday morning and it stunk! It has to be the saddle height. Looking back at the different configurations I have tried over time, the only thing I can think of is since going to the O-8 saddle I haven't been comfortable on the bike. When I got home, I put the Brooks back one and man, what a difference! Definitely the saddle height I have been missing and the bike feels great once again!  Can't wait to ride on Wednesday to work.  Assuming I am out early for the holiday, I might try taking a really circumventous way home and get twenty miles!

On the other hand, after over 400 miles of riding with the Timbuktu bag, I think I finally figured out how to wear it which made the ride better from that aspect.  It has to ride as high as possible on the shoulder because the lower down it is the more it gets dislodged from your body.  This only seems to happen when I ride fixed because I am always using my legs either to go faster or slow down and the different positions usually cause the bag to move out of position.  Where I had it today, high up on my shoulder, it never moved.

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