Friday, November 12, 2010

Monster Cross at Flanders Nature Center

On Sunday last I got a taste of Flanders with my boys but we barely dented the surface.  I came back on Veterans Day to reconnoiter the Woodbury Section for the Tribury Gravel Grinder which I am including the East West Road that cuts through Flanders Nature Center.  I also road the old Trolley bed and then went looking for an old road that I found on the map that take you into Southbury.  

The East West Road that cuts through Flanders Nature Center is perfect Monster Cross terrain.  Every part of the road is rideable but I took it slow seeing that this was the first time I was truly riding off road with 700x42c but if I had 2.1s on, I probably could have gone much faster.

Big oak leaves made it slippery but over all it was really nice.

I checked out the white trail and turned around at the Purple trail and headed back.  At least I thought it was the purple trail.  I definitely want to come back with my mountain bike, as well as, with the Qball with wider tires on it.

At the west end there is a gate but you can get around it easily.

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