Thursday, November 04, 2010

Baby needs a new pair of shoes! Follow up

I emailed the Louis Garneau company on the off chance they might be able to do something for me and here is the response:

Hey Mark,
Looking at your pictures, you definitely got your money’s worth from the shoes.  The shoe you have is an entry level mtb shoe.  A nylon outsole will become more flexible over time.  My recommendation is to make the jump to a carbon or composite sole.  From the looks of your pictures you are not the entry level rider
 I guess this means two and half years ago, when I bought these entry level shoes I was an entry level rider.  Now what am I?


Rick said...

I hate when a company doesn't stand behind their product and instead their response is "spend more money" and not only that "spend more money on our products". Jerks!

Anonymous said...

3 riding seasons - that's pretty good as far as shoes go.

I've had good luck with Big S shoes, until just recently. On the bright side Big S did replace them under warranty.

Mark said...

@Rick, good thought - You would think though, the guy might throw me a bone so it looks like LG won't be getting anymore of my $$$.

@cal, guess I am going to have spend a little more $$$ for a better shoe, which isn't going to be from Louis Garneau.