Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Dumbing down the trail?

At the Up-and-Over near the top of the Gussy Trail I found that someone had pulled one of the logs way and angling it in such a way to make a choke point that would line you up with the rocks that constitute a ramp and thus a smooth roll over the log.  My question is whether this constitutes as dumbing down the trail or not?

By moving the log it makes the feature a little bit easier to negotiate but not by much.  I always felt having two logs there was actually better because it provided a flatter surface on top so you had a split second more to choose the right line heading down the trail.

However coming the other way (riding south to north), the second log did make it more difficult and therefore I have to conclude that a dumbing down incident has occurred on the Gussy!  Rides, improve your skill not the trail!  The Gussy is not a difficult trail to ride in either direction.  On the other hand, this could have been a malicious act give the fact that one of the short logs that made up the ramp on the north side of the feature was out of place.  In which case, I have to say to who ever did this, to grow up!

Giving who ever did this adjustment the benefit of the doubt I cleaned things up a bit by making it a true choke point by piling the extra logs on the other side to further enhance the idea of a choke point but hey, it's not going to stop an ATV if that is what the person who did this was thinking.

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