Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Bull$hit at Trumbull

Last weekend I got word from the Trumbull Trails Coalition that someone did a crappy rake & scrape job below The Matrix and created a bootleg trail off the yellow trail which climbs up to the Matrix.  It's something that I had envisioned doing over the summer and while it's a good idea through this section it was done illegally.  Ironically, I was also contacted last week by the Trumbull Parks Commissioner wanting to create a partnership with CTNEMBA for managing trails at P-Valley, apparently there is a lot BS going on at Trumbull and it's pissing everyone off.  This isn't going to help.

On my ride last Saturday, I found what amounts to tagging this bootleg trail and to make matters worse, every other tree along this bootleg is spray painted with a huge orange trail, further indicating that this person who did the trail knows nothing about marking trails, let alone how to build a trail.

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Greg Heil said...

What crap! Seriously, this and people like this pisses me off.