Monday, November 15, 2010

Commuting at 4:45 PM

I left the office at 4:30 PM last night and it was already pretty dark out but 15 minutes later I had to turn on the headlight! Looking back on my previous commuting trips in the fall, the latest I have commuted before today was November 2d but from what I can remember, tonight was the darkest ride home I have ever done. In fact it was super eerie on Old Bethel Road where there are a few hoarders that live on the road and their back yards are junk yards.  Always wondered if people still lived in these houses but the glow of the TVs told me they did.  Another house on the same road already had Christmas lights up - I wanted to puke.

Even errier was Pond Brook Road. Every house before the stream was dark and the shadows were really long. There was an occasional pair of eyes reflecting the light of my headlamp back to me but it was strangely quiet.  But the warm weather brought out the BBQs and you could smell burgers, steaks, and chicken along the way.

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