Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Friday Fix: It's Back!

Finally got the Marin rolling again.  Worked on it Wednesday night and it turns out I had another bent chain ring so I put on a 48t Sugino and a 17t fixed cog in the rear and I had perfect chain tension!

As it turned out, I had to go to an office picnic at a local park so I decided to ride instead of drive.  Perfect opportunity to test the bike out.

You can call me cheap but you might notice that my Edge is being held on with a bungee cord.  Well, I am sick and tired of having the little release tab break off on the GPS mounts and have to buy more.  Since these are road bikes I figure as long as it's being held in place I should be fine.

Well, it was a good thing that I used this as a test ride because on the way home the BB came loose and I was having a problem with the crank arm hitting the chain stay.  I will be tightening it up and trying a longer ride next.  So now, I have 2 fixed gear commuters.  I think it's time to build the Dave Scott Ironman Expert into a fixie!

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