Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Another shot at Huntington

Went back to Huntington on Monday for another ride.  Planned on meeting Tren Spence to catch up on some things with the CT NEMBA chapter but since Huntington is so close I took a quick loop, 1.6 miles, before he got there for a warm up lap.  That really helped.  We rode a lot of what I rode on Saturday, only in reverse.  It was a good ride and I didn't feel as skittish as I did on Saturday, in fact I felt really good.

I was feeling so good, and maybe a bit cocky, that I tried to do everything and almost did it all.  Could it be when riding alone the Chicken Shit Factor increases two fold but riding with someone else the CS factor is overridden with Bravado?  Not to mention, Tren was geared, is even more impetus to try and ride everything.  Rocked the Roller in the Big Burn, dabbed on the tippy, top of the sick climb on the blue (usually get about half way up) and once again cleaned the new South Pond gravel road.  What did Peter at Misfit say?  Ride the bike into the ground!  Well, it felt like that Monday evening and the bike came up just wanting more and more.

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