Monday, May 16, 2011

Winsted Woods: Pepperoni, Peppercini and PBR

There wasn't enough rain on the drive home to clean the diSSent but I was hoping.  Getting out of the car at the pizza restaurant is when I realized how sore I was.  I was still all over.  The nice thing, though, was the drive home was only 45 minutes instead of the 3 hour drive from East Taunton.

When I got home it took me an hour to get the car unloaded and everything sorted out, while enjoying my Pepperoni and Peppercini Pizza and an ice cold PBR.  Wet clothes hung to dry out, gear put a way, extra tires hung up.  My gear organization is getting better but needs a few tweaks, especially in the wet clothes department.

By the time I was ready to start on the muddy stuff, the family returned and of course Brodie, my youngest was eager to wash all my muddy gear including the diSSent.  After cleaning the chain and everything else I did the once over on the bike and decided after two wet and muddy races I need to make some changes on the bike.  First off, the I am not liking the response of the Clark Brake cable so I am going to replace it with Slik Cable, like what I have on the Dillinger.  I think I am going to take my brakes apart and see if I need to replace the pads, if anything they need a thorough cleaning.

If I do any riding this week, weather depending of course, it will have to be on the Dillinger.  Of course, Seattle weather is back and it looks like I will be grounded until the weekend.  Meanwhile, I have new BB for the Marin that I have to install so I can get my all weather fixie rolling again.

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