Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Knobbies

Third day this week of riding singletrack.  Headed over to Upper Paugussett for a quick ride after work on Wednesday.  The Brody Road was bit sloppy in the usual place but the rest was nice and dry.  It looks like someone kicked the Equine Excrement off the trail, or at least tried to, near the trail head of the Gussy.  If anything, they did a great job spreading it out giving you more chances to run over or step in some.  The Gussy trail was awesome.  If I had more time I would have taken a second lap in the other direction.  The diSSent is dialed in and ready for this weekend.  I will be making one modification, different tires.  The Rampages are great all round tires but they are not race tires.  Doubt I will be any faster with new shoes, 2.3 Exiwolf upfront and 2.1 Nanoraptor in the rear but it's something to try.

After a good ride an ice cold PBR is icing on the cake.

Had to have another in my new CT NEMBA Ride the Trails, Save the Trails
Beer Glass.

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