Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soul Cycles Dillinger avec demi Squish!

By way of a friend I purchased a used Reba SL 100mm suspension fork for the Dillinger after the Winding Trails race on Sunday. When I got home, after cleaning the whole bike I put the fork on it. Hemming and hawing on whether I was going to get out after work today and I was able to get in one 7 mile lap at Huntington (below). As with every ride with a new part there is always some adjustments that have to take place during the ride and there were a fair share on this one so I am not proud of my time. Thursday, I am going to do two laps on the same course. Hopefully everything will be dialed in.

Riding with suspension is UFB! My descents are two or three times faster and The carbon Fiber seatpost worked fine this time around, only it's leaning just a little too far back and I need to adjust that. The BB slipped a little and didn't have the chain tension that I am accustomed to so that was throwing me off my game, too. Also, the bars were massively creaking which tells me I need to tighten them down further.

I wore a hydration pack for the first time and I positively hated it. Rather than use a seat bag I picked one of those triangle bags that sit at the juncture of the top tube and seat tube. It's big enough to fit a tube, multi-tool, chain tool, spare links, and my keys. I will keep the bottle cage on event though I might not be able to use a bottle in it with the triangle pack. I do have a shorter bottle that might just fit, though.

Seeing that Massasoit looks similar to Winding Trails in terms of climbing, I am going to throw on the 19t, which I should have had on in the first place. I think I going to race with my Nano Raptors (29x2.1) but bring the Panaracer Rampages (29x2.35) for my ride on Sunday in the Boston Suburbs. Both tires come on and off so easy that it's not trouble at all.

Brown Santa should be dropping off my hydros (Avid Juicy 3s) tomorrow and Santa's Helper (the guy in the Purple and Green truck) will be bringing my new crankset on Thursday. I am probably going to ride to work on Friday so I am not sure if I will have time to test the crankset Friday evening. Probably bring the FSA along just incase there is a problem.

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