Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ride before Work: Mud, Sweat, & One Gear

Headed back to Collis P Huntington State Park at Oh Dark Thirty to ride a few more laps in preparation for Saturday's race. It was beautiful this morning, about 60 degrees, no humidity, but it was buggy in the parking lot. I put on a new chain last night because I think the current chain was going, it was creaking like crazy. Also did some brake adjustments last night, too, all of which had to be re-adjusted during the first 5 minutes into the ride.

It was really nice being out so early with perfect temperatures. A few dog walkers and one runner were all that I saw on the trails. I did spook a pretty big dear on the Glacial Erratic Singletrack but other wise it was pretty uneventful. Huntington still has it's share of wet areas left over from that huge deluge of rain we got two weeks ago, otherwise the trails are really nice. I need to work in an extra loop somehow in order to get ready for Winding Trails. However, the big change for that course will be that I am either riding with with a 20t or 19t in the rear. Last year I rode 19t but this year I think I am going to do it with the 20t. For Hop Brook with all the climbing, definitely going to be pulling the 22t.

Here is a shot from the other day in the lot of a guy I know, Javier, who just completed his first CT NEMBA Trail Ambassador Ride. I haven't seen the pictures yet but apparently he ran into some trail blockage that he had fun clearing. I really need to get in here and do some TM.


Greg Heil said...

Lefty... nice. I assume that's the other guy's though.

Brendan said...

Good luck tomorrow. Perhaps I'll see you.