Friday, April 30, 2010

Park City Metro North Bike Rack

The bike rack is back closer to the street which leads me to think that is must be a winter weather issue being so close to the road and that it's placed here for the spring, summer, and fall. God forbid either Metro-North or the City of Bridgeport recognized the inherent stupidity of where it used to be and how that could lead to the theft of bikes. That would be brilliant if they recognized their folly in doing so, but I strongly doubt it.

My favorite Panasonic (above) with ghetto bars was there. The bars look like they were cut down, might have been the original drops cut at the curve. Breaks must be original, too, and in stead of bar tape there is just electrician's tape.

The 26" wheeled Toponga (above) is a regular at the bike rack.

Here is a new comer to the Bike Rack (above), a not recommended for off road use full suspension mountain styled bike.

Nothing like a left over can of beer from the night crew.

On the ride home, this guy carried this folder onto the train and bungee corded it to the hand rail. I asked owner about it and he said he rides to the train in the morning and uses it instead of the subway to get to work. Just about everything folds on it, including the pedals.

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Greg Heil said...

I would be curious to try one of those folding bikes... but I think just to try one, not buy.