Sunday, April 04, 2010

Shakedown ride

First it was the seatpost, too low, and then I changed the angle of the saddle but it didn't feel right but I kept it that way to see if it would make a difference. Bottom of the driveway, adjust brakes. At the trail head, tighten cranks. On the trail, tighten the EBB. 20 minutes later, when I should have been half way up the trail I was just starting to ride.

Didn't matter, though, because I couldn't get my head into the game while climbing up the Gussy but I started to notice how the larger volume tires floated through the rocks. The Panaracers felt extra grippy on all the climbs, especially on exposed rock and the new wheels were rolling nicely. At the turn around point all I could do was head back down the Gussy because I was running short on time. I had places to be and beer to drink! On the way back is when I really started to feel the change in the bike.

I didn't expect that I would be laying down the first set of knobbies through the new benching and I wasn't. I think I am going to have to have dig up that whole area around the Magic Carpet Ride and the section from stream crossing to the benching because the duff is just too soft. Rounding the corner on the way up you sink into the duff and it's downer. Coming through the stream and hitting the soft stuff is the same feeling, it just slows you down. Additionally, the corner before hitting the Magic Carpet Ride is too tight and needs to be widened.

Went for the XC racing look for today's ride and got a little dirty. Not sure if I will be racing next weekend or not but I will be training this week just in case I can and in case you are wondering why it's a daycare issue.

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buck [ECHO] said...

You have to fiddle and tune your rigid dinglespeed more than I ever have to touch my fully geared dual susser. ironic?