Friday, April 16, 2010

Route 66 Hop Brook Dam vids & Pix

The Route 66 page for Hop Brook Dam says that Cycling Dirt and Candlewood Photography have pictures from the race but I think they aren't coming through. On the otherhand, Coppola Photography did and your's truly got a pretty decent picture taken of me spinning through the flats on the last quarter of lap 2. I am going to have to purchase the high res version for my love me wall to accompany my centerfold from the October Edition of Mountain Bike Action.
Some notes about the video above, NEMBA Team Captain Art Roti can be seen at 2 min 11 seconds and my picture is used as the closer at 3 min 42 seconds. More images of the Hop Brook Dam race by Adam Coppola can be seen on his blog:

I have to say, Adam took some really great shots. Thanks Adam!

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