Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Russell Mills: Text Book Singletrack

If you ever want to see the perfect example of text book singletrack, and you happen to find yourself in the northwest suburbs of Boston then head over to the soccer fields off of Mill Rd in Chelmsford, MA and ride this section of open space. All I can say is UFB! From the gate, there is 500 feet benching that runs between the access road and the water that is perfectly benched with grade reversals and rolling dips.

From this trail you can delve deeper into the trails or have a bit of fun on a pump track nestled into a small knoll between the soccer fields and a swamp.

After a few circuits on the pump track we headed off into the main trail system for some insanely twisty and flowy single track. These are truly text book trails. Skinnies galore, every rideable rock the trail accesses and technical sections are plenty.

At one point we rode up to a big rock, what I like to call a BFR. It turns out that it's a roller and two guys from our group showed us how it's done.

And of course, it wouldn't be a NEMBA ride without a few mechanicals.

A little problem of shifting one's chain into the spokes. What, no pie plate?


Greg Heil said...

MM, pump track. Looks great!

What, no pictures of people rolling the rock? haha!

Steve Miller said...

Nice trail. Yeah, Greg, I'd love to ride on that giant rock. And concerning the mechanical, I always worry about my chain doing that. I removed my pie plate last year cause it was ugly...I wonder if that's going to bite me in the ass sometime down the trail.

Mark said...

Greg, video is coming in tomorrow's post. On my Iron Horse there was no pie plate and it got me last winter.

Greg Heil said...

Sweet, Looking forward to it!