Thursday, April 29, 2010

RAW Five miler

Headed over to Huntington for quickie Ride After Work. First and foremost I wanted to see whether I fixed the creaky EBB issue and it's way better but not yet SBD. I did notice that my chain tension wasn't where I like it which could be part of the reason the EBB was still making some noise. I emailed Chad at Soul Cycles and he suggested trying teflon tape so I might give that a shot next. Other changes included putting the Serfas Krest tires, which are two ply and thorn resistant. I thought that it might be good to train with a heavier tire so that when I race with a lighter a tire I will be a faster. Not sure I could really tell the difference. The difference I could tell was that I had a lot more traction.

I am really liking the triangle bag that I now have. It fits a spare tube and all the tools I need in case I get into a jam on the trail. The new fork is working out really well, too. I even tried using the lockout on the South Pond Access Road and I was amazed at how much better I climbed with the fork locked. I think I going to have to try this more often. Another day of rain and I would have gone nuts. While I didn't have much time it was still worth while getting out for a quick ride.

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