Monday, April 19, 2010

Root 66 - Winding Trails: Vicious & Rigid

Not sure what model of Vicious this is but it's interesting in the fact that it's a mullet (disc brake up front and rim brake in the rear).


Thomas said...

Love the Vicious rigid! I found your blog through an old forum post about the Q ball 29er you own(ed). Unfortunately, I can't try one out and am looking at buying one on an auction. You rode a tall are you and what is your inseam? How do (did) you like the bike?

BTW, I am 6'2", 32" inseam.


Mark said...

Thomas, I am 6'2" with a 33" inseam and the large fit me fine. I still have it infact, only it's serving me as a geared monster crosser right now. I just got a set of Salsa Woodchipper for it. It will stay this way until I get a 29er full susser and then I am going to convert it back to an SS monster crosser, and might even try it fixed for awhile for flattish gravel grinders.

Thomas said...

Mark, thanks for the quick reply!

Greg Heil said...

Liking the mud on the calf--very nice!