Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bye, bye Horsey ... Hello, Big Mama?

I finally did it, I sold the 'Horse, my trusty steed of three years. My plan was to sell the bike and by a full susser 29er frame, namely a Salsa Big Mama, which underwent a recent big price drop on a couple of online sites but I learned on Monday that the larges were all sold out.
Great looking bike and it has some cool technology that I wonder if they snagged from the Dos Niner. It's a single pivot suspension design with flexing seat stays that help reduce pedal bob while at the same time providing lateral stiffness. From the published reviews and commentary on the bike, it seems it's Achilles heal is chain suck. Many reviewers all complained about it. I called around to the various online retailers and found out that Salsa isn't making any more until 2011 which methinks they are going to address the chain suck problem.

My plans now are to put some squish on the Dillinger, add some hydros, and a lighter crankset. Might have the hydros by the Massasoit Race but probably not the fork, need to shop around for the best price and check the online forums and see if there is a deal to be had. In the interim, I might just throw on my old 'Zoke Fork, which is 100mm until I get something I want. The idea is to bling out the Dillinger and then when there is a full susser in my future, most likely next year, then transfer all the good parts to that bike and the cost to build goes way down.

I hit Upper Paugussett after work today with the intention of doing some laps in preparation for Winding Trails this Sunday and while I was coming down the last leg of the Gussy my rear brake started grinding again. It was grinding like crazy during Monday's ride and after checking the pads I concluded that the problem lies with the hold down bolts or what ever you call them. I think all the recent abuse of pushing the bike is taking it's toll on the components and I need to check everything prior to every ride now. I tried to fix the brake on the trail but I couldn't so I ended my ride early and cautiously headed home.

One thing that was important about this ride is that I cleaned every climb pushing a 34:20 gear ratio. For Hop Brook, I rode 34:22 and probably should have ridden it 34:21 but I guess that means I would have to buy a 21t cog. Last year, I pushed 34:19 but I couldn't do all the climbs so I think this year I am going to try 34:20.

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29ner said...

Sorry to hear you missed out on the Big Mamma deal... Good luck and I'll see you out on the trails soon. Travel for work and family has taken me out of the loop for the last 5 weeks. Maybe next weekend. cheers