Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Using a water bottle to achieve perfect chain tension!

It's unbelievable and almost Zen like but it works! Someone suggested on one my YouTube vids an easier way to achieve perfect chain tension is use a water bottle between the wheel and the seat tube so I tried it and it worked beautifully!

Now I don't have to hang my bike from the ceiling anymore and if I am out and about I can do this in the field rather easily.

I had been waiting for my LBS to get some more KMC yellow chains but their suppliers were all out so when I went in to exchange the red chain that I was going to use when I was going to convert the Dawes Galaxy for blue one for next project the sales clerk pulled out a SRAM PC-1 and I said I'll take that, too. Guess this means I am riding to work on Thursday or Friday, weather depending, of course. I can't tarnish my fair weather commuter status.

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ECHO said...

best way to achieve perfect chain tension: don't ride fixed gear single speed moron bikes!