Friday, October 02, 2009

10 Reasons why I didn't Bike Commute this morning

10. Drank too much Gordon Beer last night.

09. The fixie is broke dick (well, not really, just going through some changes: back to the B76 saddle, different cranks, new chain, new bars, new tape)

08. Too cold this morning - 37 degrees! I am not ready for cold weather. I have to pull out the bibs, warm riding gloves, hats, etc... Yuck! I am not ready for winter.

07. All I have are geared bikes right now.

06. I forgot to charge my headlight.

05. My blinky needed new batteries.

04. Forgot to set my alarm.

03. Too foggy this morning.

02. There's a hot new Spin Instructor at the gym, spin is at noon today.

01. MIKE-PAPA-HOTEL (Google it and look for a list of Army Acronyms), which basically means I am too lazy!

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