Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thirsty Thursdays: Ten Fidy

Did the guys from from Oskar Blues Brewery go to the BBC College of beer making? The Ten Fidy Imperial Stout is unbelievable. Another Stout beer that tastes like a dream and it's 200% stronger than Guiness! That's right, Ten Fidy means 10.5% abv! Two cans of this and you will be unter dem Tisch! It has a rich, smooth taste with little or no of the bitter Guiness type after taste.


Steve Miller said...

Awesome brews! I'm thinking of stealing this segment for my blog. What do you think of Booze Tues?

Mark said...

I like that, or you could call it Booze-day Tuesday. Either way, it's great. Let's hear about the micro brews in the Central NY, finger lakes region. Is there anything called Middle Finger Lake Ale.