Saturday, October 03, 2009

Thirsty Thursdays: Rainy Saturday Edition

With the cancelation of the Tour de Mesh due to the crapy weather enveloping the East Cost of the United States what else is a mountain biker to do except drink beer and work on his bikes. I happened to pick up two special edition stout ales from Stone Brewaries, the makers of Arrogant Bastard Ale. This ale, called a Special Edition Epic Ale I felt would have been perfect after the epic ride planned for the Tour de Mesh but that wasn't to be. I had hopes of possibly heading back down to the Shelton Trails for a shake out ride on the Qball Monster Crosser but since I was still in the Family AO, I had to be responsible again.

After picking the kids up from their various Saturday activities and running a few errands I finally got back to the man-cave and if I wasn't going to ride, at least I could work on bikes and what better way to work on bikes but to drink something delicious and listen to some kick ass music! Pouring into the glass it reminded me a BBC Drayman's Porter but the first swig of the Stone Veritical Epic was far from the BBC porter, in fact it reminded me of eating sashimi. After awhile the fishy aftertaste abated and the full bodied porter started to take shape on the palet.

While enjoying the Vertical Epic, started putting the Stinson back together. Going with a Suginio 38t front crank and a Surly 15t rear cog soldified the drive train. I have a yellow chain on order at the Goodie shop but for the time being I set up the chain line and tension using a SRAM PC-1.

Using the hanging from the ceiling tension trick I was able to get the right amount of chain tension while finishing the Epic.

Adding Crankbrothers pedals I did a few spins in the garage bay with my 5 year old son (pictured below), who is responsible for taking the above picture.

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