Thursday, October 08, 2009

No Jingle in the Dingle

Tried to ride the Dingle Brook Trails yesterday only to find Pond Brook Road closed due to a downed power line so I turned around and headed back to Paugussett. I love how the town police block the road but don't let you know that you can't pass through.

I have been hitting the new reroute that I did on the Pond Brook connector on every ride now and I can really feel it coming together and packing down nicely. The stream is a lot higher but I am glad that re-armored it because even with the higher water, and the leaves, you roll through it nicely. Taking Al's Trail to the bushwack is OK. Al's trail needs some work but I have other things I want to finish on the Gussy first that include two more reroutes, benching the Draino and opening the horse by-pass on the section that Tren and I armored this spring.

As you can tell by the pictures, it's definitely fall and the leaves are everywhere. Despite the torrential down pour last night and this morning the trails were really nice. Pictured above is the first bushwack that comes off of Al's Trail. I now climb everything without asking Granny for help. The big up and over three quarters of the way up is still a challenge on the upward leg, but still a lot of fun coming down.

Only today, I tried something completely different, I rode up the Gussy. I don't think I have ridden the trail in this direction in about two years and let me tell you, it was challenging. I think what I need to start doing is riding both up and down the Gussy on every ride now and working in some other stuff, too. The only thing that made it difficult was all the downed limbs and twigs due to the wind storm.

A mylar balloon crash landed on the Gussy from New Jersey. My new bottle cage on the 'Horse has carried more trash out of the forest than it has ever carried a water bottle. Beats putting stuff in my pack or pockets (when I have them).

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