Sunday, October 04, 2009

I need to ride this bike!

I know I said I was done a few posts ago but when I had heard that there was going to be some singletrack riding in the Tour de Roxbury I decided I needed to ensure that I wouldn't be dropping my chain on the trails. I swung by the Bicyle Center in Brookfield and Shawn hooked me up with a five bolt, 94 BCD Race Face bash guard and an ancient product called the Third Eye Bicycle Chain Watcher. At some point I will put on Granny's gear but I can get along without just fine for now.

Also added another water bottle cage and I am thinking about riding with a seat bag for TdR. It just depends on whether I can fit three tubes plus tools. I will tape my Gu packs to my down tube or just wear my baggies and a jersey with rear pockets to hold snacks. Of course if it turns out to be a warm day, I will bring a hydration pack for extra water. I just have to figure out how I am going to carry my other GPS, I might try mounting it to my top tube or even the down tube. Riding up and down my driveway isn't cutting it for me. I need to take it out and see how this dog hunts.
Also, a last minute addition to the Qball is my Mojo, Marty from Madagascar (the movie).

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