Friday, October 16, 2009

I Heart Singlespeeds!

Here is my new Single Speed racing bike. A Soul Cycles Dillinger in Pearl Green. I had to move some bikes out of the stable before I could start this next project. Last week I sold the Dawes and this week it was the 'Goose. Also before I could start the build I had to have the fork installed with the star nut and cut for me because I don't have those tools yet. Once again, Shawn at Brookfield Bike did an awesome job.

Build list includes:
  1. Velocity Wheels
  2. 2.3 WTB Exiwolf upfront and 2.2 Bonty Jones in the back
  3. FSA MegaExo Single Speed Cranks (34t)
  4. Kick Ass Cog (22t) - going easy while I get used to riding rigid again
  5. Avid Speed Dial levers
  6. Avid BB5 disc brakes
  7. Ergon Grips
  8. Selle San Marco Saddle
  9. FSA Stem,
  10. FSA flat bars
  11. FSA seatpost
  12. Soul Cycles cromo fork
  13. Cane Creek S-3 Headset
  14. Crank Brothers Candy Pedals
  15. Sram PC1 chain

In order to prevent cable rub on the headtube and badge I had to put a zip tie on the crown of the fork to hold the cable. The bike weighs in at 27 lbs but I new it was going to be a little heavy at first. My plan is to lighten it up by April and shed at least two pounds. I could probably drop at least a pound if I went to my Velociraptors and a lighter tubes. For now, I just want to get used to the bike. Also in the offing will be a suspension fork and a better wheelset.

This is my first EBB. It was so easy to get perfect chain tension. Can't wait to get out and ride it! Hopefully there will be a break in this crappy weather this weekend and I will be able to ride somewhere other than Upper Paugussett.


F.W. Adams said...

Very nice. New bikes are great! Love the color.

Anonymous said...

Lose the bonty jones tire. Worst rubber available today.

29ner said...

sweet looking SS. Enjoy