Friday, July 31, 2009

The Friday Fix: My Favorite Fixed Gear Commuter

Finally had some good lighting to take some pictures of the Stinson. I can't get over how smooth this bike rides and can't wait to ride it again. The only thing I am going to add to it is fenders.

I also have to loose the red bottle cage, just have to stop by the LBS and get a yellow one.

The FUBars are back and really fit well with the bike.

48:17, not quite a 3:1 ratio but pretty close and according to Sheldon, that's 77 gear inches! Compared to the Bridgestone (42:16) which was 68 gear inches, I can definitely tell the difference.

At first I thought the Brooks was a little hard but my butt is now getting used to it. It looks really nice on the bike.


CB2 said...

The 42/16 on my fixed is about a 70" gear; I must have bigger tires.

29ner said...

The FU bars look great. I bet you love that brooks on those long ride. All my road bikes fixed and geared are protected by "Brooks"