Friday, July 10, 2009

The Friday Fix: Let's try this again

On my way home yesterday I stopped off at the Goodie Shop and asked what I should do about my bottom bracket. Linda, the shop owner, loaned me a BB tool to use with my own because she said that it was mostlikely not threaded into the BB, rather itself. Therefore, to really get it tight you need to come at from both sides. To do that required taking off both cranks. Good thing I did that too because I discovered that all the chain ring bolts were loose, too. Got everything tightened up and put it all back together. Added a Garmin Edge mount to the stem.

This morning was a cool 52 degrees (this is summer?) and there was a light fog when I took off at 7 AM. The bike felt really good. The first test would come on the first climb on Pond Brook Road. It's dirt and pretty bumpy. Coming down from the first hill I lost alignment in the rear wheel. No problems this go around and with that boost of confidence I just started to hammer. There was one sound that was giving me concern, which was a slight creak. Sounded like it might be coming from either the chain or the cranks, and then I figured out that it was actually the seat rails and how they are sitting on the seatpost.

Rode the 9.5 miles to work in 42 minutes. I think that is the fastest time for me riding a single speed, fixed or freewheel! It's that 48:17 ratio. On the way home, I detoured over to the Goodie shop to drop off the tool and still got home, riding an extra mile in 46 minutes. I checked everything again and it was all tight.

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MMcG said...

That looks great Mark!