Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fixed Gear Commuting with Marin Stinson

Except for a few minor distractions like the bottom bracket coming loose and not having enough chain tension the new commuter rides like a dream. On the way to work I stopped a few times to hand tighten the bottom bracket, and had to do that coming home as well. Also lost chain tension, once going to work and again coming back. Probably get rid of the aluminum nuts and get steel. The 48:17 ratio makes for slower climbs but awesome power in the flats and downhills. Also had to readjust the bars a few times but the FUBars are excellent.

A few changes might be necessary: the stem; the seatpost; the saddle. I love the look of the Brooks but it's hard on the glutes. The stem is a little too happy (to see you) which means I am riding more upright, like a comfort bike. I might try something with a shallower or no angle at all. I will have to see if that makes a difference to the cockpit or do I need to use a setback seatpost. I might even try the B66 again.

Here is a little demonstration and commentary of on the road adjustments.


ditch the fixed gear said...

DD heres a tip from central CT-- turn the bike over when you're making wheel adjustments! silly dirtdad.

Mark said...

That would make it too easy!