Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Slippery Services

I had intended on hitting the trail much sooner but since I wasn't meeting anyone I got lazy and liesurely left the house around 8 AM in stead of the 6:45 AM departure I had originally planned. Wasn't sure how last night's rain was going to slick things and slippery they were. Basically all the hard surfaces (Rocks) were glazed over with New England Rock Sweat which makes riding just a bit more precarious.

I found this box turtle on the Blue Trail towards South Pond. After a few cameo shots I moved him out of the way and kept going. After hitting a section of the Big Burn I circled back on the Lollipop Trail for a second helping of single track and noticed an interesting hippy stack. The Qball rides really nice with the Brooks B66 saddle. It's like having a shock post, only springs are kind of loud.

Close up of the hippy stack.

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