Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NBMC: Morning Eye Opener

Another successful ride of the Newtown Mountain Biking Collective (NMBC). I met Rick in front of his house at ten after six (he lives up the road from me) and we drove over to Collis P Huntington State Park. Wheels were in the dirt by 6:45 AM. We hit the Big Burn and then went out on some unmarked single track until we picked up the blue trail and then kept heading to the left. From there we did a section of the Lollipop trail and then hit the other two sections of the Big Burn, one of which includes the Roller.

Below is a map of Sunday's and Tuesday's tracks. I would contend that the west side of the park has way more singletrack than the other areas.

Here is a little video comprised of Rick's new Flip Video and my own camera. Music is from Rick's band.

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