Friday, July 03, 2009

The Friday Fix: Commuting and Mechancial Problems

While commuting to work the other day I discovered that my overly preparedness for ensuring that I have the proper tools to fix just about anything came through for me. I was about a mile from home when my chain made a popping sound and then later fell off the cogs. I should have realized what this meant, having experienced it on my single speed mountain bike last year, that a chain pin just popped. I tried to ignore and that wasn't a good idea because later down the road, the chain came completely off. I am just glad I have a hand brake because there is nothing more scarier on a fix geared bike than realizing you have no means of stopping once your chain has fallen off.

I first tried a quick link but the old Crappy Ten Speed chain I was using was just too wide for it (note to self - keep the quick links in the other pack). Now that I think about it, I think this chain came from the Raleigh. Fortunately, as I mentioned before I never ride without tools to fix just about anything and in my tool bag I had a few pieces of other chains. Only, I found I had to take the wheel completely off in order to get the chain back together due to the nature of this bike having vertical drops.

I was able to make the repair without having to unass any of my paniers. I think I lost about 20 minutes in my endeavor. Riding the rest of the way to work I took it cautiously and didn't hammer the hills, rather just powered up them while still seated. Very interesting way to climb.

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