Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fixed on the Shore

My brother-in-law's wedding was this weekend and we decided to spend the weekend in Old Saybrook. Seeing that I would be on the coast and not having enough time to go mountain biking I brought the Stinson with me to try some fixed gear coastal riding. I had read somewhere that there was a really nice section in Old Saybrook called Shore Points and turns out it's a state bike route, too.

I hit the road at 5:50 AM from the hotel on Route 1. I wanted to do a loop on Rt 154 - Shore Points and then head down Route 1 and see how far I could get in two hours. It was so peaceful, there were almost no cars on the road.

I was hoping the profile would be a little smoother but as you can see the actual elvation change was pretty miniscule. In fact, as you can see in the elevation profile I was actually under water a few times though I don't remember getting wet. 27 miles in 2 hours. Probably could have done better but I stopped off and took a lot of pictures.

Sunrise over the Connecticut River at Fort Saybrook

This shot is looking up river
Shore Points

Swans in the lagoon

You could ride into the water

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