Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Dream Commuter

Saw this beautiful Van Dessel Country Road Bob across from Grand Central on Friday. This is one sweet bike that is super light and super sexy. I would consider it the Green M&M of Singlespeed Commuters.

Not sure I like the cyclcross drop bars, I would prefer bull horns with TT levers, but the yellow tape makes this bike look really sweet.

Disc brakes and the option to go fixed rocks!


Robert said...

Nice bike.

I'm still in line for a Matt Chester frame. I rode one of his first few Ute frames (#13) way back in the day.

I will post pics when I get it all together. It will have flared drop bars. You should try them. It's important to get a high rise stem if you do.

Mark said...

I am switching to flared drops on my steel 29er and I think I am going to try gears for awhile just to mix things up but I won't be commuting with that, rather doing some long distance Gravel Grinder (Dirt Roads) rides.