Friday, July 03, 2009

The Newtown Mountain Biking Collective: Innaugural Ride

Rick and I started a riding group called the Newtown Mountain Biking Collective. You don't have to necessarily live in Newtown to be a member, rather just live in the area and want to ride. We started a Google Group, where membership is by invitation only. Right now, it's just Rick and I but we have invited others. Not sure if they received their invitation and thought they were spam or what.

I met Rick at the Echo Valley for a loop on the Upper Gussy and boy was it greasy! There were many blow downs, some I took care of and others I left like the one show above. This will make a nice little up and over. I did a little work at the up-and-over just past the log ride short, too. The benching here needs a little more work and the armoring above and the horse re-route also needs some attention.

The blue trail up from the parking lot is blocked by a fallen oak tree. The tree is so big that I think the trail needs to be routed.

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