Friday, July 24, 2009

Gunshy on the Gussy

Weather report looked like crap for later on Thursday and since I didn't spin on Wednesday I decided to take a ride on the Gussy Trail before work. The night before I added another link to my chain in order to move the wheel back because I felt that the Bontrager Jones 2.2s were awfully close to the chain stays. While I was riding up Tamarack Rd I realized that my seatpost was still too low so I stopped and raised it another inch - wow! What difference that made.

Felt good to be padaling the Qball again. The Gussy trail is looking really nice and looks like it's getting a lot of traffic. One thing I noticed was that a lot of the horse poop had been removed the trail. Who ever did that, I thank you! Did a few adjustments on the various up and overs but otherwise I tried to get through there as fast possilbe.

I did walk a few places that I normally ride up. I just wasn't thinking when I hit them and couldn't finish it. I am still digging the Brooks Saddle, only the creaking sounds like a couple of hippies balling on a bed with rusty springs.

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