Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ten Mile fat burner

My trip north got postponed a day on account of the kids getting sick so I went out noon for a 10 mile fat burner on the Qball. I am not sure what it is, but I think the tires are giving me a lot of rolling resistance (2.3 Exiwolf & 2.2 Bontrager Jones) that I think I might switch to my 2.1 motoraptors. Also, the rear brake was sticking, this happened two years ago, so I think I am going to give the Qball a little overhaul.

Trail Gnomes have been busy. The downed tree has a nice rock tranny on both sides now. Trail rides really nice but there are a few problem areas that still have to be addressed.

Busy day at Upper Paugussett State Forest. I haven't seen the lot off of Echo Valley this filled since I had my trail building class here. I ran into two groups of hikers and a group of mountain bikers on the Trailway. Took the Mulikin Trail to see how it's holding up and it is starting to get overgrown. Two runs down the Gussy and some ancillary trails, including some knobbies on hardball riding and you get a 10 mile ride.

Interesting little occurrence here, seems some blow downs dragged a branch with them creating a little tunnel, or bridge. Lots of horse dutie on the Gussy, too, but hey that's what you get with a shared use trail.

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