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Friday, April 02, 2010

This Hoe blew my mind

The Rogue Hoe is unbelievable for benching! It cuts through the duff like it was butter and eats roots for breakfast. Put the girl through the paces on the Upper Gussy Trail on Friday. I re-routed a section of trail that I re-routed last last year only to find that it runs through a low spot that gets soggy.

Not only did we bench about a 50 foot section of trail, we built a rock stunt that I call the Magic Carpet Ride. Building it resulted in utilizing an existing, immovable rock and making a ramp up to it and on the other side. Then we armored a section above it so that you can line up to it perfectly.


clem said...

dd couldn't that be accomplished easier with cr 500 with a metzler 580 knobbie and a twist of the wrist?

Mark said...

That would take out all the fun of benching!

Greg said...

That rock stunt looks like fun!

Mark said...

I can't wait to try it. Probably tomorrow.